Interlocking Bricks System is a dry-stack masonry system that enables speedier construction of high quality, aesthetic and affordable buildings. The other components of the conventional building system remain largely unchanged.

Interlocking blocks are made by hydraulically compressing a mixture of raw earth and stabilizer – using cement – in the Interlocking block making machine.

The blocks have tongue-grooves on the top and bottom, as well as on the two sides. This geometry ensures a perfect interlocking of two blocks and results in strong aesthetic walls, arches and cobbles.

Our Vision

We share the Kenya Vision 2030 vision for the housing sector, which is An adequately and decently housed nation in a sustainable environment

Our mission

To provide our customers with affordable high quality housing solutions that are environmentally and economically sensible.


We set and strive to attain the highest standards in all we do. This affirms our total commitment to our staff as well as our customers.