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Construction Management Services

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Construction Management Services

Our Construction Management allows us to manage your project from concept to completion, is typically provided for our clients who require a Cost/Plus solution to their construction needs. This transparent, open book solution allows Bear to be involved and to participate in the early stages of the design development.

This option also results in accurately determining progressive costs, value engineering, and allowing Panda Bricks & Construction to better manage the construction budget throughout the entire design and construction process.

Panda Bricks & Construction management services are well-suited to large, fast-track projects, or to organizations that don’t have the internal resources to orchestrate the construction effort. As the construction manager, Panda Bricks & Construction gets the project up and running and sees it through to completion on your behalf.

The builder and designer are both involved in the project from the start to ensure the highest value is achieved.

Owner’s Role:

  • Owner hires an architect and Panda Bricks & Construction at the start of the design process.
  • Owner manages two contracts—one with the architect and one with Panda Bricks & Construction


  • Early knowledge of total project cost, before design work is completed, at reduced initial investment
  • Builder input during design, ongoing budgeting, and value-engineering
  • Well-suited for fast-track projects
  • Collaborative rather than adversarial relationship between architect and builder
  • Approximately 85% of project is competitively bid
  • Owner may participate in subcontractor selection
  • Owner warrants architect’s work
  • Construction management fee established at beginning of project
  • Selection of builder is subjective

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